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By Dana Maloney, Founder of GET | Why do women say sorry in situations that don't really warrant an apology?
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Sorry, Not Sorry: A Post on Women’s Empowerment

Just like the rest of the world, I am a lover of Amy Schumer. And, it’s not just because I think she’s crude and hilarious and that we should be best friends (which I do), but its really about the social commentary she squeezes into her sketch show week after week.

To my dismay, there are still some obstacles getting in the way of pushing female empowerment forward, and it’s not men I am referring to at the moment. What I am talking about is one tiny, seemingly innocent phrase… “I’m sorry.”

The show, Inside Amy Schumer, does a sketch on this phenomenon rather poignantly (and exaggerated, of course), where there is a depiction of four high-powered women who are on a discussion panel for various achievements. But, instead of talking about their reasons for being there, they all keep apologizing for the slightest things, like asking for water, or for answering a question at the same time as someone else. This is absurd!

So, why do so many amazing women choose propriety over strength and confidence?

And I am not exempt from this. I do it too, and my thought is that if we keep playing into these weak roles, this is how we will continue to be viewed. We can’t blame men for this one. This is on us, and we have the power to be perceived differently.

So, I dare you, and I dare me. Next time we feel like apologizing for something that doesn’t really warrant an apology, let’s stop ourselves, and instead, feel empowered that we just commanded respect, and just became a little more like unapologetic Amy Schumer. And maybe, just maybe, Amy will even witness this, give us a high five and a slap on the ass, and be our best friend.

Hey, it could happen.

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