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Good Enough Blog

Never Stop Asking–Why We Must Remain Curious

I've learned that life is about questions and not answers. It’s about being ever curious. A lot of folks think that being a mental health professional is about giving advice and having the answers. That is far from true. In fact, I am the one who asks...

Take a Damn Compliment!

  For a long time, I struggled with accepting compliments. If someone would say, “cute shirt,” or “nice job with that essay,” I would become bashful, and respond with something like, “Nah…this is old” or, "I could’ve done more with the conclusion.” For some reason, I...

Nobody Likes a Debbie Downer– How to Hone the Skill of Optimism

I have never met anyone as optimistic as my husband, except possibly, my mother-in-law. The two of them can spin most anything into a positive light. Because of this trait/skill, they are happier than most people I know, even through really tough times. Obviously, even...