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Good Enough Blog

CBT, disruptive therapy, cognitive distortions

Never Ever Say Never Ever – Explaining Cognitive Distortions

By Dana Maloney, Founder of Good Enough Therapist (GET). "Black and white thinking," AKA "all-or-nothing thinking," is a cognitive distortion discussed in the evidence-based theory, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Cognitive distortions occur when our minds convince ourselves of something that isn’t true, preventing us from seeing ourselves and the world...

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What’s Your Story? (We All Have One) — On Being a Therapist

  By Dana Maloney, Founder of Good Enough Therapist.   Since I have worked in the mental health profession, I can’t even count the number of times strangers have opened up to me about their problems, spewed their life stories in a train station, on a plane, in...

Sorry, Not Sorry: A Post on Women’s Empowerment

Just like the rest of the world, I am a lover of Amy Schumer. And, it's not just because I think she’s crude and hilarious and that we should be best friends (which I do), but its really about the social commentary she squeezes into...

How I Became a Badass Therapist

There is a scene from the the 1993 classic movie, Cool Runnings, where one of the characters, the self-conscious Junior, is uplifted by his brawny teammate, Yul Brenner.  They look in the mirror and repeat the words, “I see pride. I see power. I see...