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Good Enough Therapist (GET) is an innovative approach to therapy looking to disrupt the too-clinical model. Located in Venice, CA, GET provides mental health support for career and relationship success for women and couples.
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Hi, I’m Michelle, Individual & Group Art Therapist @ GET!


I believe art is a spiritual journey through all aspects of the self. It uncovers unconscious and conscious meanings and is a pathway towards healing and transformation. I have found that the process of art-making in the therapeutic setting has an ability to empower people. Also, I believe creative processes through art therapy can be used to bring the client closer to his or her authentic self.

As an art therapist, I have a client-centered approach, offering creative and integrative experiences for each person. To put it simply, I like to work with each client as a whole person. I am dedicated to a direct and transparent approach, and I value creativity as a source of wisdom. I’m committed to fostering a safe space and strengths-based environment where people can be truly seen and heard.

That said, if you don’t consider yourself an artist, don’t fret! This isn’t about a finished product or using artistic skills. This is a new way of facilitating growth through the process of creating – something, anything. Plus, my experience and education expand to other therapeutic modalities, such as mindfulness-based therapy.

Sign up for a free consult or individual session via my scheduling page.

Or, email me @ for any reason whatsoever. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Michelle Bosco, MA, Art Therapist, Transpersonal Counselor

“Art is an articulator of the soul’s uncensored purpose and deepest will.”

-Shaun McNiff