Good Enough Therapist | My Story | Dana Maloney: Founder, Good Enough Therapist (GET)
Hi, I'm Dana Maloney, the founder of GET. My career as a disruptive therapist came about as a result of some tough experiences followed by some really terrific, life-altering ones.
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Dana’s Story


I am the founder of Good Enough Therapist. My career as a disruptive therapist came about as a result of some difficult experiences followed by some really terrific, life-altering ones.

I call myself a Disruptive Therapist because I am looking to disrupt the traditional model of therapy by making it less sterile, more affordable, and accessible. I believe that mental health care should be a fundamental human right, similar to physical care. I do my best not to turn anyone away.

My approach is very laid back and transparent.  I believe that the relationship with the client is paramount for growth and change to occur, and collaboration is key.  I use my background and training in psychology to rework the language so that it is more palatable and user-friendly to clients.

I work on a sliding scale that is need-based. Please check out my Good Enough Blog where I post about an array of issues, ideas, experiences, and techniques that I have learned through academic pursuits, work, and my own experiences.


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